Get Noticed – Advertise in House Tour Booklet

Place your advertisement in Proud Neighbors of Collingswood Porch Brunch & House Tour program booklet, the guidebook for this popular fundraising event.  Whether your business offers professional, retail, house repairs, or restoration services, you can reach an interested audience of consumers at Proud Neighbors of Collingswood Porch Brunch and House Tour. 

Proud Neighbors Popular event receives extensive press coverage!  New and repeat visitors come to our town to tour and dine on Sunday, May 18th and will see your advertisement and recognize your community patronage.  Proud Neighbors Brunch & Tour booklet is distributed to all event attendees on May 18th.  Plus the booklet is a keepsake, so your advertisement will continue to be viewed.

Place an advertisement in the Proud Neighbors program booklet and get your company noticed!  Rates are $50 – $100 black and white advertisement or $200 for color.  Email your electronic advertisement to or call 215-806-4907 for more information.  Announce your business or personal family’s milestone with a booklet advertisement and show your support for historic preservation.

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