Successful Restoration Clinic with Bob Engleke

Proud Neighbors of Collingswood Furniture Restoration Clinic, held Saturday at Collingswood Architectural Millwork, Inc., 715 Taylor Ave featured owner Bob Engleke demonstrating what attendees can do at home to repair a chair in time for Thanksgiving guests.

Bob, who started his career working for a furniture restorer at $4 per chair rebuilt, showed us his technique. First, label all parts and joints to assure you know how to reassemble the chair. Second, take apart the chair using a rubber or plastic hammer to help loosen the doweled or mortised joints. Third, clean all the old glue using a chisel or knife (new glue will not adhere pieces with old glue still on the joints). Fourth, dry fit matching pieces to assure they will be tight. Have a plan for how pieces go back together (finding out near the end that you forgot an interior part means disassembling the chair again). Fifth, use a high-quality wood glue – not Gorilla glue, etc. Sixth, apply glue to all mating pieces for the stage of reassembly you are working – work slowly and carefully. Seventh, use clamps, straps, etc. to hold pieces together until the glue dries. Use a damp rag to remove excess glue while it is still wet. Enjoy your rebuilt, sturdy chair!

Proud Neighbors of Collingswood Restoration Clinic is made available through the generously of Bob Engleke, and volunteers of Proud Neighbors, a non-for-profit civic organization.

Proud Neighbors hope you will join us for the upcoming clinics in January, February, March & April 2018.  Volunteer efforts, restoration clinics and workshops help to raise awareness about maintaining the historic character of our town.




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