Tour House Volunteers Needed!

I hope that you are enjoying the approach of spring.  The popping of green indicate that Proud Neighbors’ planning for our upcoming  house tour fundraiser is fast approaching!  We need your suggestions for tour houses quickly !

 May I ask if you could suggest any prospective houses for our annual tour event?  Proud Neighbors Tour fundraiser is May 20, but  we need more house or garden tour commitments by March !

I would welcome your suggestions!    If you care to accompany me to visit prospective tour homeowners for this tour search, your assistance or presence would be greatly appreciated, . House visits are prearranged appointments to talk about Proud Neighbors’ House Tour, answer questions about the event & encourage their participation?  Previously Bunny Hare was Proud Neighbors tour search partner, but she relocated to Florida.

Please suggest tour houses.  Consider helping to recruit houses or gardens for Proud Neighbors 2018 tour.   It would be preferred if we could secure four more house commitments. Gardens are welcome too.

Thank you in advance for your suggestions. Please call Marlene at 609.707..3684 or email

418 Woodlawn Avenue

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