Proud Neighbors of Collingswood Seeking Homes for the May 16th 2021 House Tour

Proud Neighbors House Tour & Porch Brunch has been postponed until the Sunday AFTER Mother’s Day , May 16, 2021. The Proud Neighbors of Collingswood extends our wishes for your safety and good health.  

The Proud Neighbors of Collingswood Porch Brunch and House Tour showcases the charm of our homes and tranquil gardens. Brunch offers culinary delights on vintage porches in May on the sunday after Mother’s Day.  The event is a tribute to our historic architecture and neighborhood restoration during National Historic Preservation Month. The Porch Brunch and House Tour will be held on Sunday, May 17, 2020. Consider showing your house or garden.  Planning requires that participating homes and gardens must be secured well in advance so please reach out to us if you are (or someone you know might be) interested!  Homes on the tour reflect a variety of housing styles, architecture, and neighborhood locations.  Some homes feature historic architectural characteristics, while others have a decorator’s flair or a cozy, colorful ambiance.  If you have a front porch, consider hosting brunch. We provide all the food, supplies, and staff.  Proud Neighbors volunteers will staff your home or garden and many of our members have shown their homes on the tour. Even if you are just a little curious, we can put you in touch with others that have participated so that they can describe the experience.

Proud Neighbors of Collingswood, a 501(c)(3) tax exempt public charity, promotes historic preservation awareness by sharing ideas about restoration and strives to maintain the historic character of Collingswood.

2 responses to “Proud Neighbors of Collingswood Seeking Homes for the May 16th 2021 House Tour

  1. Hi — very surprised to see that you are still doing this. While all NJ schools and restaurants are closed, many through the rest of the Spring, we think that having people go in and out of homes during this uncertain time of infection, it just seems irresponsible to have people cross-contaminating by visiting homes! Just our opinion.

    • Hey Cathy,

      Got your message,
      Our executive team had decided to cancel pretty early on in March, but because we have had personal lives disrupted by Covid, I hadn’t had a chance to post it on the website. The Proud Neighbors group was alerted earlier as were some of the core volunteers who started returning money for the ads and printing costs. I apologize if our cancellation came late to you and that we came off as irresponsible, but as the event was still a month away we didn’t think we inconvenience anyone as badly as we did you. I hope you are able to volunteer and help us produce this event next year, as we enjoy meeting our neighbors and seeing their homes! Perhaps you would be interested in signing on and showing your home next year?

      Proud Neighbors House Tour & Porch Brunch has been postponed until May 16, 2021.

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