The Proud Neighbors meeting previously scheduled for August has been cancelled. Please see update below:

Proud Neighbors of Collingswood is in the process of making plans for its final year.  This civic organization has been in existence since 1983 and has endeavored to improve Collingswood by  promoting historic restoration and downtown business revitalization.  

In addition to donating a large portion of its assets to the Knight Park Caretaker’s House and the Collings Knight House, the group is also earmarking a stipend as seed money for a future organization whose ideals are in alignment with those of Proud Neighbors.  In this way the group hopes to hand the torch to new volunteers who will continue to develop an awareness of, and interest in, historic preservation. 

Over the next year, Proud Neighbors will announce events that will celebrate its 40 years and give thanks to the hundreds of volunteers that have made the work of the group possible. 


2022 Proud Neighbors of Collingswood 4th of July House Decorating Contest Winners!

In first place with their home on King Avenue is Nancy and Steve Marino!

Nancy and Steve have participated year after year and the effort this year was outstanding.

In second place on Park Ave by Knights Park is Doug Dash whose large flag and bunting perfectly accented his home.

In third place on New Jersey Avenue is The Renner Family! Whose traditional cloth bunting and lined flags matched the character of the home perfectly!

And the winner of our Proud Neighbor Award this year was Lysa Morze of Lincoln Avenue who decorated the front of their duplex!

Thank you to everyone for participating, prizes of Collingswood cash will be delivered in the next two weeks!


2021 Proud Neighbors of Collingswood 4th of July House Decorating Contest Winners!

Thanks to the judges and all the people behind the scenes picking up Collingswood Cash and making lists and deliveries! Volunteerism drives our fun!

The Proud Neighbors of Collingswood awards Collingswood Cash for houses and businesses in the annual Best of 4th of July House Decorating Contest!

Break out the Stars and Stripes!

Proud Neighbors of Collingswood awards Collingswood Cash for houses and businesses in the annual Best of 4th of July decorating contest!

Past categories have included Most Historic, Most Patriotic, Best Newcomers, Best Innovative Use of Media and Best Business!

Anyone interested in entering their home or business should email their contact info to Proud Neighbors at no later that July 1!

If you don’t register, you aren’t in the running! Winners will be announced at the stadium before the fireworks and online the week after. (Prizes will be delivered up to a week after!)

Proud Neighbors will match your donation to Collingswood Cares!

Double the value of your contribution to Collingswood Cares at no cost to you!Proud Neighbors of Collingswood will match your charitable contributions made by you to up to a total of $5000.

Let’s get 10k in their coffers soon!

You can donate online at via Apple Pay or all major credit cards by clicking the donate button.

To donate by check, make payable and send to: Collingswood Cares C/O Parke Bank, 1150 Haddon Avenue, Collingswood, NJ 08108.

Make sure you indicate Proud Neighbors sent you and double your money! 🤩

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2021 Proud Neighbors Event Cancellations and Postponements

Proud Neighbors House Tour & Porch Brunch has been cancelled for 2021.

The 2021 Proud Neighbors of Collingswood Town Wide Yard Sale is Postponed until the Fall.

The Proud Neighbors of Collingswood extends our wishes for your safety and good health.

Proud Neighbors of Collingswood Seeking Homes for the May 16th 2021 House Tour

Proud Neighbors House Tour & Porch Brunch has been postponed until the Sunday AFTER Mother’s Day , May 16, 2021. The Proud Neighbors of Collingswood extends our wishes for your safety and good health.  

The Proud Neighbors of Collingswood Porch Brunch and House Tour showcases the charm of our homes and tranquil gardens. Brunch offers culinary delights on vintage porches in May on the sunday after Mother’s Day.  The event is a tribute to our historic architecture and neighborhood restoration during National Historic Preservation Month. The Porch Brunch and House Tour will be held on Sunday, May 17, 2020. Consider showing your house or garden.  Planning requires that participating homes and gardens must be secured well in advance so please reach out to us if you are (or someone you know might be) interested!  Homes on the tour reflect a variety of housing styles, architecture, and neighborhood locations.  Some homes feature historic architectural characteristics, while others have a decorator’s flair or a cozy, colorful ambiance.  If you have a front porch, consider hosting brunch. We provide all the food, supplies, and staff.  Proud Neighbors volunteers will staff your home or garden and many of our members have shown their homes on the tour. Even if you are just a little curious, we can put you in touch with others that have participated so that they can describe the experience.

Proud Neighbors of Collingswood, a 501(c)(3) tax exempt public charity, promotes historic preservation awareness by sharing ideas about restoration and strives to maintain the historic character of Collingswood.

Winners of the 2019 Proud Neighbors of Collingswood 4th of July House Decorating Contest

Collingswood homes, businesses, and town blocks were judged on creativity, originality, appropriateness to architecture, best historic homes, and overall best look.  Collingswood residents who registered their addresses in advance by emailing were included in the contest this year.

Our winners this year in the following categories were:


Nancy and Steve Marino of King Ave.

What our Judges said: “Flags, flags, flags! Over 175 flags, buntings, twirly flags, big flags, and little flags. Flags everywhere!”


Ryan and Kathleen Osborn of Linwood Ave.

What our Judges said: “Very simple, “join or die” flag, appropriate creation for house style, small red/white/blue bells on banners. Tastefully done.”

Honorable Mention:

Mark Drummond Family of Lees Ave.

What our Judges said: “Mark decorated early for the CBS special. Most of the painted stars on the grass had washed away due to the rain. Mixture of flags and buntings hanging on fence.”


The Retrospect on Haddon Ave.


Colleen Hodson of Eldridge Ave.

What our Judges said: “Everything handmade, “We the People” signs, Betsy Ross, Uncle Sam, Snoopy, a patriotic hat on the gate fence, and the constitution.  This decorated house brought a lot of gasps, omg, ooh’s and ah’s as we drove up.  A WOW factor!!!”

Honorable Mention:

Edward and Donna Proudfoot of Lees Ave.

What our Judges said: “Shows great effort in creativity of antique pieces on property…decorated carriage, bikes, horse.”

Collingswood and Proud Neighbors of Collingswood on CBS for Summerfest and the 4th of July House Decorating Contest!

Our own Lois Stick on CBS putting out the word for the Proud Neighbors of Collingswood 4th of July House Decorating Contest.

Ukee Washington and Jessica Kartalija came to Collingswood with CBS and spoke with Lois Stick, the coordinator of the 4th of July House Decorating Contest and Mark Drummond, last years winner.

As the video in the link here read out:

“Proud Neighbors of Collingswood has made this contest a tradition. Lois Stick is one of the organizers and loves going house to house every year.

“And they’re so creative. One home, they had their dog decorated,” Lois said.

Coming up, the community’s 4th of July House Decorating Contest. Mark Drummond has a head start. He won a prize last year and is going for two.

“Yes, we spray-painted the yard,” Mark said, “even though I’m crazy about my yard. Temporarily, it’s OK, since it’s the Fourth.”

Thursday, July 4th 2019 is the Proud Neighbors’ House Decorating Contest. 

Register your address in advance to participate at
Spread the word. Tell your neighbors! Register NOW for a chance to win Collingswood Cash!

Mark Drummond in front of his house which he has started to decorate for the 4th of July.