The Proud Neighbors meeting previously scheduled for August has been cancelled. Please see update below:

Proud Neighbors of Collingswood is in the process of making plans for its final year.  This civic organization has been in existence since 1983 and has endeavored to improve Collingswood by  promoting historic restoration and downtown business revitalization.  

In addition to donating a large portion of its assets to the Knight Park Caretaker’s House and the Collings Knight House, the group is also earmarking a stipend as seed money for a future organization whose ideals are in alignment with those of Proud Neighbors.  In this way the group hopes to hand the torch to new volunteers who will continue to develop an awareness of, and interest in, historic preservation. 

Over the next year, Proud Neighbors will announce events that will celebrate its 40 years and give thanks to the hundreds of volunteers that have made the work of the group possible. 

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